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» Baby Gifts


Worldwide window shopping to the most unique baby products on the web.


Baby Gifts

Show your favorite parents (even if they're you) you care! We find the coolest gifts for parents. Unique one-of-a-kind gifts like Coupons for Mom and Baby Shower Kits that make parenting special. Get your wish-list ready.

Om Brown Faux Suede Diaper Bag

Embarrassed of your diaper bag, Dad? Grab the Om Brown Faux Suede Diaper Bag from Diaper Dude ($120), and problem solved. This beauty is NOT the cheese looking piece-of-crap bag that your mom carried around. No, this has YOU all over it, from the aged retro look and hand-stamped Om incantation symbol to the metric crap-ton of pockets, pads, clips and ergo comfort. Did your mom’s bag have a pocket for her cell? Didn’t think so. Goodbye embarrassment, hello Om.


Crabby Baby Mealtime Gift Set

Of course your little angel is never crabby, but for the less fortunate parents in your life the Crabby Baby Mealtime Gift Set from Baby Aspen ($24.95) is a great present. This kit features a three-section crab plate, fork, spoon, two-handled sippy cup and “Crabby Baby” bib. All pieces are durable, baby-safe melamine, and the whole she-bang comes in a carrying case. So you can stay for dinner. With the real crabby baby. Not yours, naturally…

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Sweet Pea Five-Piece Organic Layette Set

Your favorite little swee’pea will love this pod! The Sweet Pea Five-Piece Organic Layette Set from Baby Aspen ($52.95) is a great gift on multiple levels. First, it’s 100% organic cotton, so it’s earth-friendly and snuggly soft. It comes in a woven-wood basket featuring a blanket, footie PJs, cap, bib and pea-pod rattle, so it’s adorable. And oh-by-the-way it’s as sweet as a fresh pea in a salad, so your recipients will eat it up. Supersize the love!


Bumble Bags Queen Bee Travel Diaper Bag

queen beeLadies, don’t you dare leave home without the Queen Bee Travel Diaper Bag from Bumble Bags. ($300) You’ll never have more storage options, and you’ll never look better carting stuff around. We’re talking Italian cowhide leather, baybee, and 18K gold hardware. It’s 13” H x 6” W x 13” L, with ten pockets for wipes, diapers, bottles, cells, keys, iPods, etc. If you run out of storage, you need to pare down. But you’ll still look great!

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Tiny Tales Baby Tales

baby tales tiny talesYou won’t get these moments back, so you’d better document them. Baby Tales from Tiny Tales ($30 and up) tracks the entire first year of baby’s life, from first tooth to first word to first diaper blowout. (Okay, maybe not ALL of the first year.) It’s got two 4×6 notepads (25 sheets each), four dividers (one for each three months) and an acrylic box with flip lid. Classy and priceless.


Bumble Bells

bumble bellsShe’s got Bumble Bells ($40 ea., or $75 per pair) that jingle jangle jingle. These gorgeous 925 sterling silver anklets feature teeny little bells that let you know when your child is up and ready to go. They’re a beautiful investment set, as they’ll be around long after baby outgrows them. Which won’t be for a long time: size A runs to 9 months, and size B runs to 4 years old. Plenty of time to make some noise.


LuSa Organics Postpartum Herbs

lusa postpartum herbsMothers, you know how rough the period after birth can be, mentally and physically. You need all the help you can get. Start with LuSa Organics Postpartum Herbs. ($12.50) This blend cools, soothes and heals every time. Just steep each bundle until cool, pour into a spray bottle, and spritz your lady bits. Instant physical relief. Have dad change the diapers and take out the trash, and you’ll be golden. This is a good start, though.

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Serena & Lilly Personalized Ceramics

personalized ceramicsEver have one of those arguments where your little brother tried to grub your food and you were all like “Yo, this is MY plate!” and he was all like “I don’t see your name on it!”? You should’ve had Personalized Ceramics. ($118) This 3-piece set comes monogrammed for easy identification. And yeah, it comes in three beautiful colors and is all dishwasher and microwave safe. But really it’s about marking your territory. Oh, sorry: marking your child’s territory.

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Warhol-style Portrait

warhol printCue up the Velvet Underground and trip back to The Factory with this 4 panel Warhol-style Portrait. ($139) This is a truly unique work of art, and we think Andy would approve. Just send in a picture of your boy or Femme Fatale, choose your material and that’s it: singular Pop-Art in 14-21 business days. Hey, your child is a lot more artistic than a soup can.


Aristabrat King of Kings Crystal Rattle

aristabrat rattleWow. No signs of recession here! The Aristabrat King of Kings Crystal Rattle ($129.95) is bling-to-the-extreme for a gilded age that won’t quit. Over 800 Swarovski crystals shimmer like the northern lights, and the rattle comes wrapped in ribbons on a black velvet pillow. And it won Best of Show in the 2008 Magic Fashion Show. Ridiculously luxe and award winning: does it get any better in a rattle?

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